Tweet about the Information on Your Blog

Today, social media is taking the world by storm. More and more people are setting up Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts than ever before. It seems as if there are no limits to what can be done online today. As a business owner, you want a way to reach as many people as you can without having to spend a fortune in the process. Thanks to the power of social media and blogging, you can enhance your marketing campaign for a fraction of the cost of other marketing methods.

By now, you have probably heard all about social media and what it can do for you. One of the things that tends to stump a lot of business owners who are just entering the world of social media marketing is that of knowing what to post on Twitter and Facebook. Blogs are an exceptional source of content to keep the social media engine running. Once you publish a new blog post, you can easily disburse the link throughout all of your different social media channels.

When you send a tweet with a link to your new post, make sure to include a catchy headline and all of the relevant keywords as hashtags. Using this tactic, followers will be able to find you. It will also help to boost your chances of having others re-tweet what you said.

Blogs can also help to establish your business as an expert in the field. Are you spending a significant amount of time trying to educate others? You can share that knowledge and compose a series of different blog posts. Many customers will research products they are interested in online long before they ever make a final purchase decision. By posting valuable, solid content, potential customers are going to find you first.

Identifying any new trends or current events about your field is a great way to inspire those reading the blog. If you don’t have a lot of time, you can write up a short post that links to a longer article that you have listed elsewhere on your site. It is still valuable content because you are bringing that information to your users.

Social Media Marketing Trends for 2014

During 2013, the social media industry saw a number of different changes. Teenagers began leaving Facebook and flocking to other social media networks that caught their attention, without having their entire family engaged in the platform. Twitter began adding in videos to their package when they purchased Vine, which is a mobile video app. It also announced that it was going public. Instagram incorporated video and sponsor images in all of their newsfeeds. 2013 was also the year when GIF images went viral, bringing in more creativity and humor to the social media realm.

When you consider all of the changes that already took place, it leaves you wondering what you have to look forward to in 2014. With each passing year, the content needs of business owners is going to change to keep up with the changes in technology. What might have been effective one year isn’t necessarily going to work the next.

For example, it has been determined that when you have content with image-based updates in it, you will have an engagement rate of 600 times higher than those posts that only have text in them. Video content is coming in close behind it. Before you know it, the gap will be closed and you will need something to keep customers on your site. It doesn’t matter if you upload an infographic, GIF, still image or video. Visual content tends to garner a lot more interaction from social media platforms than plain text. Don’t get me wrong, text and other forms of content is definitely worth sharing with others. However, posts that are visually appealing are going to become the main hub of content marketing before you know it.

We all want something exciting to look at when we are on a website. Adding in something visual to the marketing strategy is the best way to boost your blog. You will be able to capture the attention of the reader and keep them engaged. When you have the reader engaged, they are far more likely to stay on your page and use your business for their buying needs. If you consider that 89 percent of those between the ages of 18 and 34 watch videos online at least once per week for this year, it is only going to keep growing as the months progress.

Beyond adding to a successful marketing strategy, visual content also adds a touch of personalization. Businesses that take that extra step to engage their visitors and provide them with something that they find useful are going to notice a lot more traffic and revenue. Take the time to integrate some pictures, videos, GIFs or other form of interactive media with your content and watch the results.

Blogging: Why Your Business Should be Doing It

When it comes to Internet marketing, one of the first things you should do as a business owner is to start a blog. Even though some people might think blogging isn’t for them, it is more beneficial than what you might think. Many reasons exist as to why your company should look into blogging right now.

Search engines tend to rank any new content quite highly. A fresh blog post is going to garner a higher page ranking than old content that has been sitting there for quite some time. Blogging is one of the best ways to get your website pushed even further into the search engine ranks, as well as into the hands of potential customers who are looking at what you have to offer. Aim for at least a couple blog posts per week. Being consistent is the main thing when it comes to blogging. Don’t begin a blog and then walk away from it. You need to continuously feed content into the blog to help improve search engine rankings.

Even though one of the main benefits of having a blog is to provide new content, valuable and well-written blog posts have the capability of driving traffic to your website for years to come. When mentioning a topic on your website, make sure you have backlinks to other topics on the same subject. This will help drive traffic to some of the older posts, as well as provide additional links within the site. Essentially, you are improving your overall website design using SEO.

Blogs allow your business to easily share any new events or news for the business. They allow your business to have a dedicated space for posting any important information or updates in regards to your company. Unlike a static Web page that can be troublesome to update, a blog post will quickly get your news into the hands of the public, without having to call upon your webmaster.

If you recently hired someone new, introduced a new service or product or anything else of relevance, you want to write about it and share the news with anyone who is willing to listen.

Consider Joining Google+ for Your Business

google-plusGoogle+ entered the marketplace so quickly that many people didn’t even realize what was actually going on. One minute you were able to post comments on YouTube by simply logging into your account, the next you are being asked to enter your Google+ or Gmail account information. Even though Google+ might not be where Facebook is yet, the service corresponds with social media marketing in more ways than you can imagine. Top brands are listing the Google+ icon on their television ads next to Twitter and Facebook. It doesn’t matter whether you like Google+ or not, it is becoming one of the main players when it comes to social media marketing. It has one thing going for it that no other site does, that being Google.

As the second largest social media platform, it cannot be ignored. Business owners need to take advantage of the platform and leverage it any way they can.

Google+ seeks to help business owners succeed through visibility. They are constantly launching a number of different applications that incorporate Google+ in the search results. If you search for information about the Pope, you are going to find a number ofdifferent posts from TIME, CTV, NBC and more.

For those who use Google+, as long as you are sharing posts that have relevant, new information on a regular basis, you are going to be pushed upward through the search engine ranks in no time. Just like any search engine, keywords are crucial in how you are going to appear in page searches. Posting on a regular basis using keywords that relate to your text, while integrating those keywords elsewhere in your Google+ page, will go a long way in getting your site the attention it deserves.

By linking back to your own website, you are going to improve your personal website optimization and your Google+ optimization. If you create an authorship for your most frequent posters, it will help to get you higher in the search engines. Instead of ranking at the bottom of a list, you can now be right up there with all of the other popular websites.

Don’t Leave Your Business in the Dark

Internet marketing is crucial in that it aligns the manner in which consumers make their purchasing decision. Many consumers are FeaturePics-Office-Night-083744-2496163heading online to social medial platforms and the Internet to research the product or service they are considering before they make the final commitment. Internet marketing allows you to build a relationship with your customers and prospects through low-cost, regular, personal communication, which reflects the move from mass marketing efforts.

Consider the Convenience

Internet marketing allows you to make your business open at all times of the day and night without having to worry about your store having set operating hours or paying staff members overtime for working late. When you offer your products online, it adds in a level of convenience for customers as well. They can take the time to browse through everything you have to offer, place an order and make the payment at a time when it works for their schedule.

Reach More Customers

By marketing your products online, you can easily overcome distance barriers. You are able to sell your items anywhere you want without having to set up local outlets, which is going to help increase your target market. If you want to get into exporting, you can do that without having to open a network of distributors in various countries. To sell your items internationally, you want to use a localization service to make sure the products are okay for use in a local market and are in compliance with their regulations.

Minimize Your Costs

Marketing your products online will cost far less than if you were to market them in a traditional brick-and-mortar store. You don’t have to worry about the recurring costs associated with maintenance and property rental. You also don’t have to worry about purchasing items for stock in your store. All you have to do is worry about ordering stock to comply with demand, which keeps your inventory costs at an all-time low.

Personalize Your Efforts

Internet marketing allows you customize offers for your customers by creating a profile that outlines their preferences and purchasing history. When you track the information that customers visit, you can send them offers that are targeted to their specific interests. You can also embrace a cross-selling campaign that helps to increase the amount of sales by customer.

Take Your Campaign Social

Using the power of Internet marketing allows you to take advantage of any one of the social media platforms there are online. Social networking has been linked to an increase in online revenue. According to studies, sales increased by around 5 percent when using social media to market your business. Take advantage of social media by incorporating some of the tools into your marketing campaign.

Trying to Keep Up with the Changing Blog Marketing Trends

Have you ever felt like as soon as you master one technique, another one comes along that is just as new and exciting? If soBlog, you are not alone. There will always be new trends in design that you are going to hear about on a regular basis. Some trends are more long-lasting than others, so you have to keep that in mind. As a marketing individual, those trends are the ones that you want to be aware of when designing your website.

Responsive design tends to be one of the latest in design trends today. If you are worried about whether this design trend is going to stick around or not, this one seems like it will be here for a while. When websites are responsive, it means the layout of the webpage is going to adjust to the screen size that it is being viewed on. This degree of flexibility allows for a better experience for all of the users navigating the site. Regardless of whether you are on a tablet, smartphone or desktop, the webpage will be easily accessed by readers around the world.

Not only does Google favor those websites that have responsive design, but it makes it easier for marketers and designers to maintain and build the website. As the website is built, you won’t have to worry about any new tablets and mobile devices that have various screen sizes because the design is going to adjust accordingly. You won’t have to worry about someone who is on their desktop seeing a site designed for mobile users instead of the desktop version.

To embrace the changes in marketing your blog, let a proven expert in the field handle it all for you. Instead of trying to figure it all out on your own, you can let someone else do all of the legwork for you. Your blog needs to be marketed properly if you are planning to attain success and increase the number of viewers you have on a regular basis.

Marketing Trends Continue to Change and Grow

It’s no secret that marketing has changed dramatically in the last five years than the past century. Staying current with all of the Capturedifferent technologies and trends making their way into the market can be quite daunting and frustrating for many individuals. It’s not enough just to be technologically savvy. You also need to understand all of the different risks and opportunities out there for those who are continuing to grow and expand their business in a marketing sense.

Social media is growing up. Many marketing professionals are turning to social media as a means of promoting their brand and diving into the world of reputation management. The area seems to be rapidly evolving in a way that no one ever dreamed possible. Loyalty programs, big data, analytics and transactional marketing efforts continue to take over the marketing realm. Capturing the data and profiles of consumers is a great place to start.

Focusing on Facebook likes is where many businesses begin the process. Once you have the likes going for you, the nest step is focusing on yield. You don’t want to focus entirely upon acquiring new customers, but rather, you need to be worried about retaining the ones that you have currently.

Even though the majority of business owners are doing everything they can to keep up with the world of technology, some fall short of the change and get stuck in the era before PCs. If business owners aren’t investing heavily in mobile strategies and tools, they are going to be dead on arrival. The upcoming year is serving as a tipping point for many of the organizations in the marketplace. Marketers have to do an exceptional job at optimizing their sites and the content on them to accommodate mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Building apps and developing talent is important to succeed as the marketplace changes and grows in ways you never imagined possible.

Don’t get left behind in the changing world of marketing. Let someone who has the experience and professionalism handle your marketing efforts and ensure your business ranks high amongst all of the others in the marketplace today.

Let Your Blog Go to Work for You Marketing Your Business

Many business owners have a blog in place for their business, but they often fail to harness the power of how much a blog can do Capturefor the business as a whole. Blogs have the potential to do a number of different things for a business owner, but you have to use them correctly to reap the rewards. Understanding how to make the most of your blog will help you use it to market your company effectively.

Blog marketing is one of the best methods for coming down on a personal level with all of your customers. The style and voice of your blog gives customers a feel of who your business is and whether you are the type of person they want to form a relationship with. When one individual takes the time to maintain the blog regularly, customers form a relationship with that individual because they get to know them. This results in a more lasting and trustworthy relationship for customers.

Comment features found on blogs are great for customers who have something to say about a specific piece on your site. Engaging business blogs are great places for customers to voice their complaints or offer their kudos for a job well done. Healthy customer dialogue is a main ingredient for creating a successful endeavor with your customers.

At one point in time or another, you have probably heard the phrase that content is the king of the Internet. When you make the choice to add a blog to your site, you are able to add featured content that will draw people into what you have to offer. It is imperative that you employ all of the tools available to identify what it is that people are looking for online. This will help get your site higher in the ranks. Blog marketing is becoming one of the best means to grow and flourish as a company. Let a professional blog marketing company get to work for you today and make the connection you need to turn your business around for the future.

Facebook Marketing Trends You Do Not Want to Miss

The Internet is loaded with information. Long gone are the days of incremental growth and linear flow of informatFacebook Marketingion. Content is flowing on a variety of different platforms, devices and formats. Massive amounts of people are using social media to provide information to clients by publishing and sharing a wealth of information on a scale that spans the world.

Google handles more than 11 billion inquiries on a monthly basis. Facebook has more than 800 million people using their services as of right now, so the number is only going to continue to grow as time progresses. When you consider how many people are online and searching for information, you can see how social media platforms like Facebook can help you reach people from around the world quickly and easily. Social media is key for engaging the attention of your customers and attracting new ones.

Consumers will look around on the social media sites to see what they can learn about a business and what they can do for them. Once they find the perfect business product or service, they will share that information with their friends and family members. Before you know it, you will have a number of people knocking on your door to see what you have available. Instead of spending a fortune trying to send out marketing materials to people, you can keep more of your money in your pocket by using the power of Facebook marketing.

Understanding how to use Facebook for marketing your business will go a long way. Putting a few simple posts online will help take your business to the next level. People will be liking your posts and sharing them with all of their contacts, which will provide you with a steady stream of word-of-mouth clients. You can rest assured that your efforts are focused on potential clients and providing them with the information they seek right when they need it the most. Let the Internet work for you by using Facebook marketing to get your business name out there and save money in the process.

Marketing Should be Centered on the Customer

When it comes to marketing your business, it should be focused on the customer and not on you.  Even though this trend may not be something new, it seems as if many business owners fall short on this aspect in the marketing mix.  The approach has changed in ways that we have not seen in years prior, so it is important that you have someone working for you that understands the proper way to market your business and reap the rewards of your efforts.  Smart marketing is not about hype, but rather, it is all about getting the help needed to make it happen.

In today’s society, people are overwhelmed with invitations to like, follow, click and grab attention at every turn.  When you compile the tremendous amount of social media platforms in the mix, it’s easy to see how people become overwhelmed with everything out there.  People feel as if they are put into a straightjacket when it comes to figuring out which way to turn.  Companies can break through this problem using competitiveness and cacophony.  You have the choice to be useful or amazing, which way you go is completely up to you.

Even though you may not be able to be amazing all of the time, you can make sure you are useful.  By focusing your marketing campaign on providing valuable information to consumers, you are going to drive sales to your business in a way like never before thought possible.  This non-traditional approach now is going to be something normal as the year’s progress.  If you are selling a product, you are going to create a customer for today.  Helping someone will create customers for life.  Getting the right marketing campaign on social media networks is important to the success or failures of your business.